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Friday, 25-Nov-2011 08:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sichuan province key enterprise benefits of recovery

2 the 10th message steel containing vanadium and titanium industries in Sichuan province last year overall to maintain steady growth. According to the Statistical Office of Sichuan province in recent days, province of Molybdenum vanadium-titanium iron and steel industry in Sichuan province last year sales income of 192.914 billion yuan, an increase of 30.69%; profits $ 10.33 billion, an increase of 14.9%; profits amounted to $ 6.166 billion after industry-wide profits, an increase of 15.39%.
Output of main products continues to grow. Production of iron and steel industry in the province of Sichuan province 19.0408 million tons of steel last year, an increase of 6.65%, vanadium products 35,800 tons, an increase of 14.35%, titanium dioxide 365,600 tons, an increase of 24.54%. Some major enterprises to pick up, pangang Group profit for the year grew by 26.94%, chuanwei Group profit for the year grew by 21.96%, Desheng iron and steel group company annual profit rose 26.94%. Linkage between good last year, 98.19% rate of vanadium and titanium production and sales of steel products in the whole province, Sichuan province, an increase of 0.01%, still maintain a high level.
Analysis of Sichuan province, steel containing vanadium and titanium industry development in Sichuan province continue to face major raw material procurement more difficult issues such as steel production falling original burning material prices this year in particular, coal prices will continue to be high, steel production and operation cost pressures will increase further.

author:Kelly Eyer, stanfordmaterials.comMolybdenum-products.html's commentator


Wednesday, 9-Nov-2011 05:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sharp 2011 and the Italian Enel and ST joint venture to produce

Sharp announced January 4, 2010 on the thin-film solar cell manufacturing business and the Italian Enel Green Power (EGP) and STMicroelectronics (STMicroelectronics, ST) signed a tripartite joint venture agreement, and the independent power business (Independent Power Producer) and EGP two sides signed a joint venture agreement (the release of information on Sharp, STMicroelectronics release of information). Approved by the European Commission, the two joint venture Electronic Components Distributors were scheduled before the end of March 2010 set up.

Thin-film solar cells will be used in the production business Catania, Sicily, Italy IC Suppliers factory (M6 factory). Scheduled for early 2011. According to reports, the early start of production capacity of 160MW / year, plans to expand the number of years to 480MW / year. Joint venture manufacturing operations funded ratio, Sharp, EGP and STMicroelectronics each 1 / 3. The manufacturing operations will continue to abide by Sharp and EGP in May 2008 signed a memorandum, STMicroelectronics also involved.

Sharp joint venture power generation business with the EGP Catania plant will use thin-film solar cells, plans by the end of December 2016 before the construction of more solar power stations. Total electricity generation is expected to scale up to more than 500MW. Power stations will be set in Italy, France, Spain and Greece in the Mediterranean region. As the thin-film solar cell conversion efficiency at a high temperature drop than crystalline solar cells is small, so suitable for high-temperature region of the Mediterranean region and other large-scale solar power. Power generation business, a joint venture named ES Solar Farms Srl. Funded ratio of 50% of EGP, Sharp accounted for 40%, Sharp Electronics (Italia) SpA, 10%.

author:Engsame,'s commentator


Tuesday, 8-Nov-2011 06:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Allegro New push specifically for automotive lighting of the new

Recently, AllegroMicroSystems Introduces New Constant Current LED Driver series A6261, A6262 and A6264, designed to meet internal and external led bulbs on the automotive market applications.

Allegro's A6261, A6262 and A6264 four-channel LED driver device fully meets the highest standards of quality and vehicle stability requirements. Each channel delivers up to 100mA of LED current, when the user selects the current applied to the four output channels, each output channel load evenly, and to achieve parallel for higher current. Pressure generated when the device is running low, minimizing power consumption, without any ballast resistors.

The series features short-circuit grounding protection, short circuit channel can be disabled, allowing other channels to work. Open LED on any channel can be detected. In addition, over-current protection circuit, use the LED chip junction temperature foldback current protection IC and LED (if installed in the vicinity of and related devices on the same substrate). Using eMSOP-10 (LY) and eTSSOP-16 (LP) package.

The product can be critical automotive applications, including the (external) brake lights, turn signals, taillights and rear combination lamps (RCL), there are (internal) car dome light, navigation lights and mirrors footlights and so on. Commercial-grade 6261 (suffix E), for consumer led lights applications.

author:Kuen,'s commentator


Friday, 28-Oct-2011 06:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dulux Valentine expands its range of paints Architect

Because the architect combines colors and materials, Dulux Valentine choose to draw inspiration for its latest range of paintings.

A wide range of colors and paint-effect wood and metal floating wall shelf, here is the range proposed by architect Dulux Valentine. And if it were reserved for pieces like the living room or bedroom, two lines are now enriching, one for wet rooms like the bathroom and kitchen, one for the outside.

The line for the bathroom and the kitchen is an acrylic painting. Its pigment-based formulation of high quality gives it a high resistance combined with an aesthetic and comfort applications. The protective film protects the mold even when heavy condensation. 12 colors are available. The 2-liter pot costs 46.90 euros.

The garden, two types of paints are available. The first, designed for wood materials wall shelves, has a formula enriched with alkyd resins guaranteeing a high color stability over time. It is used for a wooden pergola or a siding for example. This range is available in 21 shades of satin at the price 22.90 euros / 0.5 liter.

For metal objects, Dulux Valentine also has a solution architect in its range. Designed for non-ferrous metals, galvanized, painting iron Architect Special offers increased resistance to shock, corrosion and a formula UV protection. Available in 21 brilliant colors, the 0.5 liter pot costs 22.90 euros.

author:Belser,'s comwomentator


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Italy start of the Asian imports in the EU anti-dumping leather

As the continuing unfair competition, the Italian Association of handbag Manufacturers (ANCI) initiative once again in the EU imports of Asian cheap designer handbags anti-dumping measures.

Along the Italian Gucci outlet online Manufacturers Association (ANCI) is the EU anti-dumping measures, a leading advocate of anti-dumping measures on imports of Chinese shoes into the EU leather Zhengshou 16.5% tariff, and imports of Vietnamese leather products rate of 10% of tariffs.

In order to prove that European politicians, Chinese and Vietnamese handbag brand with the support of an unfair advantage, the association conducted a lot of research work, so that they can produce and export market, the price of sales of handbag products.

The two Asian countries have rejected any anti-competitive conduct and strive to lobby on the abolition of these acts before the end of March 2011 the two existing models still valid.

Earlier this year, the Italian handbag Manufacturers Association (ANCI) President VitoArtioli that the organization remains concerned about the Italian lv replica brand has been facing "unfair competition, he explained:" This is the European Commission with the necessary objective evaluation of unfair competition principles the principle of existence - we believe (really exist), there is no doubt - to continue to apply from China, Vietnam and Macau (China) imported products, including anti-dumping duties, because the anti-dumping duties will expire end of March. Meanwhile, imports to the EU approved the implementation of mandatory origin labeling rules to restart the consumption principle of transparency in our handbag industry is an advantage.<br><p>

author:Dohm,'s commentator


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